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WORD OF GOD SUNDAY:  Begins today. Please check  https://aec.rcaos.org.uk/latest/word-of-god-sunday

Please find time to read the Holy Father's Edict personally issued to the Church  http://www.vatican.va/content/francesco/en/motu_pr...

WORLD DAY OF THE POOR:  11th February 2021

Please check the "Following in His Step" section of the website for the Pope's message.


To register Please download this form on this link https://www.stlawrence.org.uk/imgs/first_holy_comm...  and reply to the parish email address edenbridge@rcaos.org.uk 

There will be a Zoom meeting on the 31st January with parents and kids, introducing ourselves to each other and getting to know the Catechists Frances and Sabrina. (Zoom link will be sent later)

The 1st Holy communion sessions on zoom will be 10 to 12 with the exceptions of school holidays when sessions will not hold.

Saturday May 22nd at 12noon will be the first confessions Sacrament

Sunday June 6th will be the first Holy communion Day. (I hope the virus will have been contained to a reasonable level).


Children's Liturgy on Zoom on Sunday  24th January @11.30 am  

Check this link 



Grant us Lord, the grace of your love, as we pray in unity with one another. Amen

  • Welcome to St Lawrence
    Welcome to St Lawrence
  • Our Garden of Repose
    Our Garden of Repose
  • Come inside and meet us
    Come inside and meet us
  • Rejoice, Jesus is Risen
    Rejoice, Jesus is Risen

St Lawrence's Catholic church, in the Diocese of Southwark, is a small but vibrant congregation of Catholics drawn from the Eden Valley area.  Our church is set back from the High Street on the right hand side as you come from the north end of town, just before you reach the main postal sorting office.  

 We have some lovely facilities, including a parish Garden of Repose where you are welcome to  spend some time in private prayer and contemplation.  Whether you are new to the area or just feel the time is right to come back to Church, we'd love to see you.

Mass times

Mass times

Saturday evening Mass is 6pm.   The main Sunday Mass is at 10:00 and includes hymns.  Sunday evening is a quieter Mass, join Father Benedict around the altar for an intimate celebration.  For weekday times, please go to the Mass times pulldown.

St Andrew's

St Andrew's

The parish room known now as St Andrew's is the centre of parish activities. Tea, coffee and cake served every Sunday after 10:00 Mass. Social Activities such as the PaddyJoe night take place here.

Church Music

Church Music

Our musical team are lead by Teresa and Barbara. If you like to sing, please join us at 10:00 on a Sunday and if you can play an instrument make sure that you say hello to Teresa.

Saint Lawrence

High Street

Telephone: 01732 862256
Email: info@stlawrence.org.uk

All website enquiries/issues to webmaster@stlawrenceedenbridge.org.uk