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St Lawrence
Catholic Church, Edenbridge
St Lawrence Edenbridge
Telephone: 01732 862256
Email: info@stlawrence.org.uk

How to become an Altar Server

Want to try Altar Serving? 

Please come and join in; new faces are always welcome!! If you're at least 6 years old and can sit still for 2 minutes at a time, then you'll do fine :) 

For the Parents ... 

We are always keen to involve any young members of the congregation in helping with our celebrations. Altar serving is a very easy way for children to help out. All we ask is that your child is at least 6 years old and willing to listen to instruction. Children do not need to have received their First Communion in order to serve. 

Who to Talk to

Our head server is James Wells. He can usually be found either in the sanctuary trying to organize the servers, or at the back of the church separating his daughter from something breakable. He can be reached on 01892 459557 (mobile 07393358897)

Current Team 

We currently have around a dozen regular (younger) servers, ranging in age form 6 to 14. About half of these have received their First Communion and are enrolled in the Guild of St Stephen. We have two MCs to help things along, who (somewhat creatively) describe themselves as "30 and a bit". We don't operate a rota system, as we do appreciate that sometimes, "things just happen". Our MCs are grateful for any help they can get, even if it does arrive slightly late. We do ask that children who want to serve aim to arrive about 10 minutes before mass in order to get changed & prepare. In case of late arrivals, we leave the door to the Sacristy from the garden unlocked during mass (speak to any servers if you don't know the way). 


We occasionally ask the servers to attend training for an hour or two - usually after mass on a Sunday before Easter or Christmas. James generally provides sweets and biscuits. Please feel free to ask him questions at any time. If you don't know what to do, he's always happy to explain. [Also covers maths homework.] 


We have some worksheets for servers of all ages. Some of the questions are very easy, some are a little harder (ask your parents) and some may even require Google. Pull James' sleeve if you'd like a copy, and pull it again to find out how you did. James also keeps scores, just in case any retired servers want to see how much they can remember. Prizes on offer for parents who score higher than their children. Kudos (and possibly chocolate) to any child who beats their parents :) 

Guild of St Stephen 

Once servers have been serving for around 6 months (and have received their First Holy Communion) they are eligible to join the Guild of St Stephen, after which they can wear the bronze guild medal in the mass. Silver medals may be presented to servers who have been active members for 10 year or more.

Saint Lawrence

High Street

Telephone: 01732 862256
Email: info@stlawrence.org.uk

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