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FOOD BANK AND TOYS FOR CHILDREN: At all masses on the 7th, 8th, 14th and 15th.

ADORATION: Friday 13th December, 2019. From 10:30 am till 6 pm. 

ECOLOGICAL CRISIS:  Mr John Paul De Quay has launched a wake up call and It is tagged the YEAR OF THE COCKEREL. Please check the parish notice board

PENITENTIAL SERVICE: 18th December at 7pm in the Church

CHRISTMAS MASSES: Tuesday 24th Dec, 6:30pm VIGIL MASS with Children's Nativity play.   Tuesday 24th Dec, 10:30pm MIDNIGHT MASS with Carol singing (Obligatory).  Wednesday 25th 10:00am CHRISTMAS DAY MASS (Obligatory).  Thursday 26th Dec, 10:00am St Stephen's day

WEEKLY PRAYER:                          

Lord, we rely on your mercy. AMEN

Saint Lawrence

High Street

Telephone: 01732 862256
Email: info@stlawrence.org.uk

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