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What is in a Name?

13th July 2018

At the Saturday morning mass (7th July), we celebrated, the HOLY NAME OF JESUS. This feast calls to mind the importance of the name of Jesus; Its power, its relevance and its meaning. Each of us have names, by which we are identified and known. Names given to us by our parents, may have been circumstantial or purposeful. But the reality is that each name has an etymology or root from which it derives its meaning. Therefore, have we taken time out to know the meaning of our names? Have we been living and witnesses in accordance with the meaning of our names, or the circumstances by which we were named.

We are thus faced with two situations; the name of Jesus and our own names. In the gospel readings today (8th July), there were two types of astonishment; the human astonishment and the Divine astonishment. The people were astonished about the Authority of Christ, also the astonishment of Christ himself at the lack of faith of the people. In our world today, the lack of believe in our names astonishes people around us, because our names are meant to identify and define us. We astonish God also when after much verbal and mental beliefs in His name, we fail to show such beliefs practically.

However, the difference in our names and the name of Christ, is the power that the name "Jesus" gives. The name of Jesus brings salvation, reconciliation, forgiveness and it means "he will save his people from their sins" (Matthew 1:21). Jesus lived up to the expectation of His name, as He was called the Logos (the Word) in John 1ff, which means "the Word with power". The "Word" with which the world was created, The "Word" who is the Creator and the "Word" who is with the "Word" Is "Power" and not an ordinary word. This is name I am asking us all to believe, love, adore and propagate to ourselves and the world, so that the world will be astonished by whose Authority we act and live.

Author: Benedict Fadoju


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