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THE CATHOLIC EDUCATION; A tool of Evangelisation.

8th September 2018

Dear Friends, I am wishing you a happy Sunday and the peace of Christ.

As we reflect today on Catholic education and its relevance to us, I wish to keep our minds focus on the readings of today which express the spirit of Catholic Education.

Starting with the Opening prayer (Collect) at Mass, some certain words emerged in this wonderful prayer as a reminder of what exactly the Church hope we should reflect on. We have been "WE ARE REDEEMED AND RECEIVED ADOPTION"; "THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN CHRIST" and "TRUE FREEDOM AND AN EVERLASTING INHERITANCE". The first and last quoted words of prayer finds its fulfilment in second quoted sentence. That is;

                            "WE ARE REDEEMED AND RECEIVED ADOPTION" and "TRUE FREEDOM AND AN EVERLASTING INHERITANCE" find their purpose and fulfilment in their "BELIEVE IN CHRIST".

In other words, the teachings about Christ we listen to everyday at mass, in school, at home or in the catechumen sessions, are all part an parcel of Catholic education. "The Catholic School" (A Vatican document in 1977. Article 34), stipulates that the "The foundation of all Catholic Education enterprise is Christ". The person of Christ is the perfect human in whose image all who attend catholic schools are being formed. He is most perfect of all creatures; fully human and fully Divine.

Therefore, knowing Him liberates us and sets us free, because we shall no longer be blind, deaf or dumb anymore (as stated in the 1st reading). Knowing Him, breaks the barrier of class distinctions, because man will no longer be judged by what he has but what he is; created in the image and likeness of God. (as it implies from the 2nd reading). Knowing Him, helps us to develop a good conscience and a sound Judgement; "HE HAS DONE ALL THINGS WELL".

Let us praise the Lord as the psalmist encourages today, for all the wisdom gained through faith at HOME, THE CHURCH AND THE CATHOLIC SCHOOLS, which is what is referred to as "THE CATHOLIC EDUCATION". Let us love it, live it and propagate it, because this is how we become living witnesses and the vehicle of evangelisation in our world.


Author: Benedict Fadoju


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