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20th June 2020


The entry and exit doors should be clearly identified In and Out.

Anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms should be asked not to enter.

Toilets may not be used.

These Church openings are only for Individual Prayer and no communal prayers, confessions or any other sacraments are to be arranged.

The Blessed Sacrament may be exposed on the main Altar. With the Blessed Sacrament exposed before the Church opens and remaining until the Church is closed.

Doors and Windows are to be opened throughout the period and appropriately held open avoiding need by Parishioners to touch them.

There should be Hand Gel of no less than 65% Alcohol should be available at the entrance and another Hand Gel available at the exit. Clear signage to request parishioners to sanitise their hands on entry and exit should be on display.

There is no access to Sacristy for anyone other than the Priest.

Cordon off those seats not to be used and clearly mark out seats to be used to maintain the 2 M social distancing rule. Maximum capacity is to be maintained at 10 people at any one time.

People to be encouraged not to overstay to avoid lengthy queues.

Parishioners are prohibited from bringing their own candles.

Physical veneration of Statues and shrines is not permitted.

All Shared printed materials including Mass Books, Hymn Books, Devotional items etc are to be removed from sight.

Only limited single use material is to be made available and parishioners should be instructed to take it away with them.

Any printed material left by a parishioner will be removed and safely discarded.

The Team of Stewards and Cleaners are to be briefed as follows:


Neither Stewards nor Cleaners should be classed as clinically vulnerable, self-isolating or shielding.

Stewards: One steward is to be present at the Front door and the other Steward at the Exit Door at all times the Church is open.

At least 2 Stewards should be present at all times.

Stewards should complete an inspection of the premises before opening, to ensure all facilities and equipment are in place and that the Church is compliant.

Stewards must be given copy of Guidance about Re-Opening of Churches and abide by those instructions.

Stewards must maintain all social distancing instructions as for others and insure Parishioners are made aware of the instructions to which they must abide.

Stewards must not shake hands, hug or otherwise break any of the rules whilst in attendance. Stewards should not eat, drink or touch their face, unless they have immediately washed their hands beforehand.

Stewards should ensure any cuts or graze on their hands are covered complete with waterproof dressings.

Parish Priest must hold a record or Rota showing who was on duty at any given time, and also keep in the Parish Office, with the rota, the names and contact details of all stewards.

One of the Stewards could be the Parish Priest but importantly all stewards must be already known to the Parish Priest and be current volunteers in the parish.


Cleaners must be briefed on "Catch it, kill it, bin it" and effective hand hygiene.

Cleaners must be given copy of Guidance on Re-Opening of Catholic Churches for Individual Prayer and abide by those instructions.

Cleaners will wear plastic gloves and aprons when cleaning.

Disposable cloths or paper towels will be used for cleaning.

Any items left by parishioners will be placed into separate plastic sacks and be removed to lost property

All cleaners should practice decontamination when returning home by changing clothing and appropriate bathing or showering before mixing with members of their household.

Items needed

Hand Sanitisers X 2

Face Masks X 2 per group of Stewards

Gloves for all entering church (if possible) and certainly for all Stewards and Cleaners.

Aprons for all Cleaners

Entrance and Exit Signage

COVID-19 Awareness Poster to be displayed at entrance and exit

Author: Benedict Fadoju


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