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Jesus’ Miracles are Referential Signs

6th July 2018

The gospel reading of last Sunday(Mk. 5:21-43) recounts how Jesus raised the daughter of one of the Synagogue official, Jairus, back to life after she was proclaimed dead. Within the same scenario, the gospel also narrates how Jesus cured a woman with a protracted case of haemorrhage: “after long and painful treatment under various doctors, she spent all she had without being any the better for it, in fact, she was getting worse. “ (Mk. 5:26). In these instances Jesus is shown as one who does the impossible. To raise someone from death is not an ordinary feat. Same to the cure of an ailment that has defied known medical treatment. In this way, the evangelist shows how Jesus has come among us to redeem us, to do for us what we cannot ordinarily do for ourselves. 

What is often missing in the way some understand and practice Christianity today is a lack of an integral understanding of the mission of Christ. This has often led to mistaking signs for reality. A sign is not the same as reality. It refers you to the reality, but it is not the reality. Signs are usually referential. The miracles of Jesus are signs. They refer us to a reality beyond them, except in the Eucharist where reality is not beyond the sign. If the miracles of Jesus were not signs, then Christ would only offer us a material salvation, a salvation that does not go beyond this world.

Author: Benedict Fadoju


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