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23rd May 2018

Happy Pentecost Sunday to you all!

The biblical account on the Tower of babel (Gen 11 : 1 - 8) speaks of the enthronement of man and the dethronement of God. Man became the ultimate and the concept of God was abhorred. Unfortunately, man is in constant change but God does not change. Therefore the insatiable quest of man keeps him highly ambitious and may never be satisfied since he constantly changes rather than God who never changes but is unfolding to man. Sadly, the language at the tower of babel was that of greed, self absorption and confusion which eventually led to self destruction of the human family.

The first reading (Acts of the Apostles 2:1-11) today reminds us of the different people with different languages, but with one mind gathered together set on God. Thus God remained enthroned and the human person found its gaze on God, thereby using all it possessed (including its means of communication; language) to serve the cause of God and not man. Since man reaches out to God in Hope and faith, God used man's tool of communication (language) to express himself to man. Thus our faith and hope in God makes Him to grant us the different gifts to enhance our faith and reassure our hope in Him. These gifts when used for the glory of God and the benefit of men produces fruits; these fruits strengthen the community of God. And the only way in which God is glorified and man benefits is to LOVE.

We all know that God is love (1 John 4:8), but man cannot know God if he had no faith and hope to enthuse his belief, so that his experience of God will be the experience of love. So "love" helps us to focus not on ourselves but on greater and perfect things. God being the perfection of all things. It is in the love of God and others that our own goodness and peace is found because we seek the common good of all. This is what is called spirituality; the spirituality spoken about in the second reading. (GAL 5:16-25)

This spirituality is the sign of witnessing, because the Spirit of Truth which is granted by the Father will lead us to the complete truth, as Jesus promised us in the Gospel reading. The truth which is our liberation (John 8:32). So the gifts of the Spirit we have received must not be kept indoors. As Catholics we cannot be passive but active with the gifts of the Spirit, which leads to the fruits of the Spirit and our community becomes more vibrant.

Author: Benedict Fadoju


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